Lecture one:

The Power of Positive Training


The Power of Positive Training is a fascinating and insightful seminar.  Teaching with kindness is her core philosophy, whatever the breed and whatever the problem. Learn how you can increase your understanding and strengthen the bond with your canine companion in a humane and effective way. Find cutting edge solutions for any behavior problems that your dog might be having.


Lecture two:

Inside Your Dog’s Mind


‘We live in an exciting time of scientific research and discovery. The last ten years have seen an explosion in the study of canine behavior and cognition, thanks to universities and research centers around the world. The minds of dogs are being explored like never before, and the findings are proving once and for all just how intelligent, emotional, and complex dogs are.


Dogs have coexisted with humans for thousands of years, and as they have adapted, so has their ability to communicate with us. By paying close attention to our vocal and physical language, dogs have evolved a rich social intelligence and a physical and vocal language as complex and subtle as our own. Like humans, dogs communicate consciously and unconsciously, using a complex language of body and vocal signals that reflect what they are thinking and feeling. These signals communicate intent and ensure dogs’ personal safety by affecting behavior in others. Understanding what dogs are saying as well as how they perceive the world will make it easier for you to understand their needs.’ (excerpt from The Secret Language of Dogs by Victoria Stilwell.)


Inside Your Dog’s Mind explores the following:


  • What is canine cognition?
  • What is canine cognitive science?
  • Understanding the dog’s mind through functional MRI’s
  • Measuring a dog’s intelligence
  • The Five Cognitive Dimensions
  • Cognition games for your dog



Lecture three:

Understanding, Coping and Working with Aggressive and Reactive Dogs


Aggressive and or reactive behavior in dogs is an emotional response that is much misunderstood and therefore mismanaged, putting strain on the human/ dog relationship with sometimes dire consequences for both.  As more and more dogs are living in domestic situations, there is an increased pressure on them to behave well in all social situations and environments.    These social pressures can sometimes be difficult for dogs to cope with, leading to confusion, anxieties and stressors that have a negative impact on a dog’s life.   What can be done to curb aggressive response in our canine companions and how can we make a dog’s life experience easier?  This seminar will include the following:


  • What is Aggression? Understanding Aggressive Behavior
  • Why Do Dogs Become Aggressive?
  • The Dominance Myth
  • Emotional Experience – Understanding the Canine Nervous System
  • Categorizing Aggressive Behavior
  • Assessing and Changing Aggressive Behavior
  • Dealing with Aggression in a Shelter Environment
  • Preventing Aggressive Behavior
  • Safety and Responsibility


Lecture four:

Victoria’s Secrets!


Learn Victoria’s top training tips and go behind the scenes of It’s Me or the Dog, Dogs Might Fly and Guardians of the Night for an up close and personal look at how these shows are filmed and the trials and tribulations of working with dogs on TV. Along the way, find out some great ways to deal with nuisance behaviors, including stealing food, chewing, jumping, barking, humping and pulling on the leash.